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Friday, February 08, 2008

"With added body"

To my posting entitled "What would you do?" I received the following comment:

Hi Paul I also read your blog occasionally. You combined the 2 most beautiful things in this overheating/ozonlayer destroying earth: Fulvia & France. And then you're writing about them. That's what we call: Magnifique! I read them with a lot off interest. Like Paul asked: please give some info on your Fulvia coupé bodyworks (the baby blue one). And off course: we're going for the juicy details! ;-) Greetings from Belgium Bart Berlina S2 Zagato S2

The sort of posting that warms the cockles of my heart. Of course you all know that really the engine is the thing for me; having anything to do with bodywork I generally feel is a bit of a necessary pain, although it is undeniably rewarding: "No pain, no gain" as the saying goes.

I am happy to accede to Bart's request, although it will have to be another series, and looking at the collection of old photographs I have, I shall have to spend quite a lot of time scanning them.

Looking back, I was really very disorganised, and I was also very poor (as now) which meant that many compromises had to be made. I do not seem to have a picture of the car as it was originally, but I have added a couple of snaps here to show a couple of fairly early pictures that were taken after about three months' work (three months of weekends of course) and a third picture taken about four years later when the project was a little nearer completion.

The car was quite unusual, being an early 1300 coupé - not a "Rallye" - it was all steel and did not carry the "rallye" insignia (look at the rot in the bonnet). It was first registered in April 1967 and its serial number is 2002.

I have no intention of making this series a "blow-by-blow" account of the progress. I hope to find enough pictures to enable me to write about specific aspects.

If any of you have specific things that you would like me to write about in connexion with the car, then let's hear from you.

À bientôt

[P.S. Usual disclaimer about the terrible layout: not my fault and nothing to do with me]


William said...

I find the revolution alloys on the front very nice. I've been looking for them for my zagato but could not find out if they were ever made with 130x4 stud size.

Paul said...

I just ordered them from Revolution: 7 x 15. But they were terribly heavy. I now have Miniltes, but sadly not the magnesium ones: 7x15 front, 6 x 15 rear with 195/50-15 tyres

skywalker said...

I tried to get compomotive and rev wheels for fulvia a couple of years ago - als they just got rid of the Fulvia 14 inch and 13 inch moulds in 2004 so no more production!

Paul said...

Try Minilite: they are helpful; I ordered mine from them.

And I think that the Minilites really suit the Fulvia, especially if you can afford the magnesium ones which I couldn't!

Bart said...

wow Paul

It really was in a sorry state when you started the total make-over. When most people saw more hail in scrapping it, you were welding the earth to the moon (or filling holes as big as the hole in much bespoken layer. Nice job! Like all comments: the Revolution wheels are awesome, but top-heavy.


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