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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year/Bonne Année

A Happy New Year to all my English-speaking readers and...
pour mes lecteurs et lectrices français(es) Bonne Année.

You will have noticed the dearth of new Fulvia material over the last few days, but bear in mind please, that this is the season of conspicuous consumption! (pour les Français, naturellement, 'consommation avec moderation'!)

As a little "taster" I have attached another snap from the forthcoming article about the mid-engined Fulvia-engined special.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just in case you missed it

This link comes from the Viva-Lancia forum.

An excellent story indeed.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Holiday Show for Cat Lovers Everywhere

Source: here

Well, I said that I am a cat lover! Here's the original and best Cartoon Cat: Felix

I roared with laughter and I am sure that you will too.

Hooked? Here's a link to the blog of someone who is obviously a big fan; plenty of FELIX films there.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas to all my readers.
The illustration (courtesy Jusdesign) whilst certainly of interest to Fulvisti actually has a bearing on a forthcoming piece that will appear on this blog, concerning the "mystery" engine featured a last week.

Look carefully at the "overlap" between cylinders 1 and 2; therein lies a clue to a key part of the future article.

Special thanks to CM for all the "Photoshopping".

Best wishes to all.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Picture

The new picture on the right of the page shows a mid-engined Fulvia special.

As the caption reads, this is another subject I shall be writing up soon.

Here's a link to a bigger version of the picture

Mystery Picture - More soon

Click on picture for full size image

Come on then Les Experts, who can identify the engine on the bench - under test...?
The only clue I can offer is that there has only been one exactly like this one.

I will in due course, be writing up the story of this and my part in it.

In the meantime, let's hear from some of you.

And don't forget, for those of you in France, Fulvia expertise is available at reasonable prices - right here in Haute Savoie, about 30km from Geneva. Contact

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Talking Point

The Fulvia Coupé rally cars are justly well known, but the "Sports" were also widely used in competition - perhaps most famously by the Factory at Daytona, using one of the first 1600 engines in 1968.

About 30 "Competizione" Sports were built by Zagato. These featured very extensive lightening as may be seen in today's picture.

The car shown is very, very special. It belongs to Carlo Stella who has written a book about the Competiziones. The car was developed around 1972 by one of the famous Italian tuners: Samuele Baggioli. The engine, a 1300 is fitted with Kugelfischer fuel-injection complete with specially made slide throttles. I took the photo at the Fulvia 40 celebrations in Turin in 2003. The engine is said to make 143HP at 8500 rpm. I heard it running and am not inclined to doubt... "Whang, whang, whang"!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Thanks to William for adding interesting comments - to "Fulvia Thoughts" 2, 3 and 7.

No need to be shy then - let's hear what you have to say!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I Said I like Cats - and of Course, I am not Alone

Photo by hoolstress

" Si vous êtes digne de son affection , un chat deviendra votre ami , mais jamais votre esclave." Théophile Gautier


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I need those comments now!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lancia Cursor

Here's a life-size picture of the Lancia cursor that I can provide to anyone who wants one. It is animated and thus rotates.

Email me on

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fulvia Thoughts - 7

The seventh in the series, this one returns to the engine with some thoughts about Fulvia camshafts

I wanted to include a scan of the Technical Data, but cannot upload it. I will happily email it to anyone who wants a copy. Contact me on

Considering the fact that the Fulvia was in production in a variety of forms for 13 years, it is perhaps quite surprising that only six types of camshaft were listed in the published technical data.

For me there were probably only four different “production” camshafts: this is suspicion rather than established fact, and I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had the opportunity to study the various types really thoroughly.

1) 818.000: I suppose that only very few of us have ever seen these which were fitted only to the very earliest cars

2) 818.100/130/202/282/302: A common one this, found in many models – e.g. 1200 and 1300 S1 coupes and sedans and also S2 sedans.

3) 818.140/342/303/540: Now then… You will see that the data give different timing for the early HF camshafts fitted to 1.2HF and early 1.3HF cars. But note: the duration (274 degrees) is the same as the later 342 cars and also 540s and 303s. The only difference in the data is the lift at TDC, given as 1.8mm for early models and 2.2mm for later ones (I have chosen to ignore the 0.05mm difference in the valve clearances as I feel that eight-tenths of a thou. is nothing to worry about). I suspect that all these have the same profile, and the timing difference may be explained by the different setting at TDC. I think that the 24/72/72/24 timing given in the owner’s handbook for S1 coupes (for the 1.3HF) may be safely ignored.

4) 818.540 (VAR 1016). No comment about these near-mythical components except that it is strange that whilst the duration has been increased by 14 degrees, lift at TDC is the same as that given for the 303/342/540 cams (take your pick). One could be forgiven for thinking that given the larger carburettors and (I presume) detail work to the porting, that greater lift would have been provided to take advantage of these modifications.

In my view apart from the profiles (obviously) there are only two important differences between early and later camshafts. First, the early camshafts, certainly the 818-100 ones, appear to have been made from steel and case-hardened. These have a thinner hardened layer and usually, have not proved to be suitable for re-grinding. In any case, the normal 818 100/302 has a small lobe and provides little scope. If you have a sympathetic camshaft man, the best camshafts for experiments are those found on S2 1600s or very early S2 coupes. These are made from cast iron and have thick hardened layers especially at the nose making them suitable for re-grinding. And (second difference) most importantly they have the vernier holes allowing them to be set up accurately. Incidentally, most S2 sedan engines are fitted with cast-iron camshafts with vernier holes – but of course they have the 302 (i.e. 818-100) profile. The true S2 and S3 (coupe) camshafts are of the “one pin one hole” type and are therefore useless for truly accurate setting – they are fine otherwise though, being of the same excellent material and of course identical in other respects and since they are plentiful, it may be wiser to experiment with these rather than the rarer and more valuable vernier type. Incidentally, it is possible to use the vernier cam wheels with the “one-pin” camshafts.

Those thinking of approaching a camshaft man with “ideas” should take a rocker along to show him. A moment’s thought will show that a profile originally conceived for a push rod engine will not be ideal as the followers in such an engine will be notionally flat whilst of course the Fulvia cam “sees” a curve which naturally affects the opening and closing characteristics.

I have come across two other types of camshaft, both of which were supposed to be works profiles. He first was the profile sold by Barry Waterhouse at Evolution Engineering where I worked and was manager for a couple of years. Barry showed me the originals which were highly polished “billet” shafts – i.e. machined from steel billet and hardened. These were pretty radical. Timing was something like 50/70/70/50, therefore offering 300 degrees’ duration with full lift at 100 degrees. And moreover, lift at TDC was 4.3mm and full lift at the valve, 11.3mm. They are very effective, but hard on the valve gear (owing to the acceleration).

The second profile I acquired having ordered a pair from Italy to original works part numbers from a 1967 parts book. When they arrived they were marked 43/77/77/43 with 3.8mm lift at TDC. Maximum lift is from memory, 10.3mm.

I expect that the works experimented with a variety of profiles for competition use. If anyone has any more information about this topic I would love to hear from them.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cats & Michel de Montaigne - Erratum

Picture by xgianaxandxnick

I have been taken to task by CM, over the error in the French of the de Montaigne quotation that I posted yesterday.

CM directed me to a link that lists many famous French cat quotations including of course this one. My excuse is that I copied the quote directly from The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. I thought at the the time that "...joue à mon chat" was a bit strange, thinking that "avec" would be better, but I have enormous trouble with French prepositions so did not feel in a position to challenge it!

So once again:

" Quand je joue avec mon chat , qui sait s'il ne s'amuse pas plus de moi que je le fais de lui ?"

(When I play with my cat, who knows whether he isn’t amusing himself with me more than I am with him?)

Lancia Pictures

Looks jolly serious doesn't it? (Click on picture for the full-sized version).

A 1962 Flaminia Supersport in competition guise, I found this picture on a site that boasts lots of LANCIA pictures and "wallpapers". A chance for you to tart-up your computer or blog!

Again I have added the link to my links section

Big FIATs (Again)

I promised that yesterday's picture of the FIAT S76 would be the last in the series, and so it was. But FIAT made many huge racing cars, and
indeed it was driving earlier FIAT monsters that Vincenzo Lancia made his name as a racing driver and (to a certain extent) as an engineer.

Here are two pictures of the FIAT S61, a mere baby at only 10 litres... However it was quite interesting technically, with four valves for each of its four cylinders and an overhead camshaft. The first picture is copyright FIAT, the second, showing the S61 at the French G.P. at Dieppe in 1912, I found on a wonderful website which has pictures of practically every FIAT made; I have included a link to it in my links section.

Apart from introducing the FIAT S61, this post is also a reminder of just what a wonderful resource the Atlas Nostalgia Forum is.

This thread shows how quickly any information, however obscure, may be found there.


Monday, December 04, 2006

One More Time...

For those who are not fans of the giant S76 FIAT that I have been featuring, tough luck: there is one more picture to add.

This shows the big car in its record-attempt guise and was probably photographed around the same time as the "impressionistic" picture. The picture was taken at Ostende of course. Note the "streamlining" around the radiator.

Very brave men...

Something a Little Special

Although I may not be 100% correct, I like to think that Lancia owners especially have a strong sense of and interest in, the marque's traditions, whether they be the founder's racing career, the excellent history of invention and innovation, the superb engineering, the competition successes and so on.

Certainly this applies to me. Here I show two pictures

The first picture (photo David Beard) shows the lovely F1 Lancia D50. This is one of the staggeringly correct replicas that have been constructed using original engines and transmissions. The project was largely achieved by the efforts of Anthony Maclean who also owns one of the cars (and a superb D24 spyder too).The photograph was taken at the Goodwood Revival in 2003. This particular car is driven these days by Jochen Mass and by all accounts has become very competitive.

The second picture shows the radiator of a very special V8 Lambda, complete with pre-war Royal Italian Auto Club badge. This car took part in the Mille Miglia in 1932. I will add a little more about this in the future. (Photo by me).

Des bons mots?

" Quand je joue avec mon chat , qui sait s'il ne s'amuse pas plus de moi que je le fais de lui ?."

I have already indicated that there will be occasional departures from this blog's raison d'être, and today offer something feline and French...

(When I play with my cat, who knows whether he isn’t amusing himself with me more than I am with him?)

Michel de Montaigne 1533 - 1592

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Links (again)

Just a line to draw your attention to another link I have added. This does not concern Fulvias, but contains all sorts of useful information - et c'est en Français So please have a look.

It is always interesting to see how many people are providing a wonderful service by assembling all sorts of useful information on their blogs.

Site Meter

Under the heading "Visitors" on the right-hand side of the page you will see a little link marked "Site Meter".

If any of you have blogs of your own or websites, then Site Meter is a really excellent tool for you.

To get an idea, click on the link and you will see that a great deal of information about the visitors may be found.

So now I definitely know that you are looking in - so please let's have those comments - it's so easy and anyway I should like to know if what I am providing here is useful or at least interesting, and without your feedback I shall never know.

If you are interested in Site Meter, go here.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

New Monster Picture

The "impressionistic" picture of the 28-litre FIAT S76 (I imagine from a newspaper) appeared some time ago in the Atlas Nostalgia Forum - a recommended visit for all interested in old cars and especially motorsport.

Here's a link to a bigger version of the picture.

I have always loved those early photos where the impression of speed is given by the characteristics of the early camera shutters, so that wheels adopt a fantastic elliptical shape and radiators lean forward.

Wonderful stuff

More Lucas Injection

The Ferrari 512M picture (post 24th November) showed how Lucas Injection should be installed - that is when resources and money are available.
Now, here's a picture of my installation on my Fulvia.
And remember, lack of resources does not mean that one cannot be resourceful!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Fulvia Thoughts - 6

Many times over the years people have asked me for recommendations for carburettor jetting for modified cars.

Of course I either tell them the jetting I have used (when I had carbs) or give them the standard answer i.e., "All engines are different: take it to a rolling road and set it up".

However it is always nice to have a starting point and this time it's 1300s.

At Evolution Engineering, we had a very good client, sadly no longer with us who was a great Fulvia enthusiast. He lived part of the time in America where years ago, he had bought up a large stock of ex-works Fulvia parts. I recall him saying that he had new 1.3HF crankshafts in their factory wrapping, special 40mm Solex carburettors and so on.. Don’t ask! I have no idea what became of all this wonderful stuff.

Anyway he came up with a most interesting document that I have copied here that lists a variety of carburettor jetting for 1300s in various states of tune. Of course Solex parts are very hard to find. Main jets can be bored to the correct size as twist drills in 0.1mm steps are easily available – this should really be done on a lathe at high speed to ensure accuracy and a good finish inside. Air correction jets are usually reduced in size when engines are developed. The trick with these is to fill them with solder and re-drill.

Here are the specifications; I hope that they are of interest. Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed that apart from the idle jets, the jetting of the 1.3HF is identical to that of the S2 coupes.


The early owners’ manuals did not keep up with the production specification. The HF cams, also common to the 1.3 S were never used on any 1.3 engine with 29 mm choke carburettors. Dropping the main jet to 115 as with the 1.2 HF would not provide sufficient fuelling for the 1.3, 1298 cc engine; the jetting and carb. specification is very sensitive.

From the original Solex S.p.a. Technical Bulletin, No. 65-A/June 1967, supplied by the Lancia Competition Department.
1.2 HF (76 x 77 engine)
Full air cleaner
HF cams

Solex C. 35 PHH (CR. 186)
Choke 29
Main Jet 115
Air Corr Jet 160
Idle jet 42.5
1.2 HF Corsa (77 x 67 engine, 1247 cc)
No Air Cleaner
HF Cams

Solex C. 35 PHH (HF Corsa, special velocity stacks, C. 23263)
Choke 31
Main Jet 125
Air Corr Jet 145
Idle jet 42.5
1.3 Rallye Coupe and Sport (77 x 69.7 engine, 1298 cc)
Full Air Cleaner
Standard Cams

Solex C. 35 PHH 2 (CR. 192)
Choke 29
Main Jet 120
Air Corr Jet 190
Idle jet 42.5
1.3 HF (77 x 69.7 engine, 101 BHP)
Full Air Cleaner
HF Cams

Solex C. 35 PHH 3 (CR. 193)
Choke 31
Main Jet 120
Air Corr Jet 180
Idle Jet 42.5
1.3 HF Corsa (77 x 69.7 engine, 114 BHP)
No Air Cleaner
HF Cams

Solex 35 PHH 3 (HF Corsa, special velocity stacks C. 23263)
Choke 31
Main Jet 125
Air Corr Jet 145
Idle jet 42.5


From the original Solex S.p.A. Technical Bulletin No. 71/October 1967, supplied by the Lancia Competition Department
1.3 HFR Variante 1014 (77 x 69.7 engine, 132 BHP)
No Air Cleaner
HF variante 1014

Solex C. 40 DDHF (Special velocity stacks)
Choke 34
Main Jet 145
Air Corr Jet 155
Idle jet 50


Sod the Law!


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Radio Blog Club, a good friend for a while appears to be in some legislative difficulty...

However, in tribute to its brave effort, I shall leave the existing track on this page (which amazingly still works)

Sadly my Playlist no longer works (hence its removal) thanks to the absurd "Hadopi" legislation in France. Apologies to all.