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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Where there's not smoke...

In a recent posting here I introduced my case against "Big Government" and I complained about increasing encroachment on the private lives of the public (citizens in many countries, subjects in others).

With the rubbish pumped out by the nannies in Engand and in France it is easy to assume that such outrages are limited to one's own country. This is not the case:



This headline appears at the top of a bi-lingual Canadian Website whose purpose, although motivated by the very severe regulations in Canada (prisoners are not allowed to smoke!) takes a stance not dissimilar to my own.

The trend continues: if you are overweight, you may well be denied medical treatment - in the UK. You have "lifestyle choices" so long as they happen to be in agreement with those that the Government has chosen for you. It is ironic that there are moves afoot to ban battery chicken farming (quite right too) whilst before too long there will be "battery people" chained to their TV sets - where by another irony they will be free to watch "Big Brother" or some such garbage.

A more hopeful outcome may be possible in the USA: it seems that sense may prevail in Mississippi if this article is to be believed, but what is terrifying is that somebody proposed the law in the first place. And remember that in some states there are even non-smoking parking meters!

Finally, and a lot closer to home, in Paris, Mayor M. Bernard Delanoe is proposing to ban all cars over eight years old from the city.

What price Fulvias in France then??

And there are proposed new laws limiting students to four drinks maximum in an evening.

Can you see where all this is leading?

Real leadership is needed and fairly soon: everybody must understand that this is not just about the smokers...

À bientôt (If I haven't been censored by the health KGB)

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