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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Democracy in Action: Spot the Difference

What? No seat belt, smoking, and a war to win? Perhaps he sometimes drank!
What chance has he got?
Picture source: Here

There are soon to be a presidential election in Russia and parliamentary elections in Iran.

The Russian Electoral Commission has barred former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky from running, on what may be perfectly legitimate grounds although personally, I have my doubts given the complexion of Putin's Russia and the enormous backing Putin has given his chosen candidate (not to mention the quid pro quo of Putin's guaranteed job as Prime Minister after the people have made their choice (!)). Full story here.

Meanwhile an Iranian of distinguished origins has been barred from his country's elections:

Among many hopefuls barred from running in the election is Ali Eshraghi, a 39-year-old civil engineer who is also a grandson of Khomeini, founder of Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution. Eshraghi told the Kargozaran newspaper he had not been told why he was rejected. "My neighbours told me they were questioned about my private life, including ... whether I shaved, whether I pray or fast or smoke," Eshraghi said. Full story here

The article about Russia doesn't specify if Mr Bukovsky was asked about smoking or not; personally I think that after what he has been through he is entitled to a puff or two, and anyway it's his business after all.

In closing I have to say that none of the present "hopefuls" in the United States primaries appear to me to have the look of the smoker about them; as a result, I predict that none of them will achieve the deserved renown of that Great Smoker and President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt!

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cm said...

Is "Mr Bukovsky" you mention a relative of Charles Bukowski?

Paul said...

Thanks for the note: in answer to your question it seems most unlikely.

Once again Wiki is your friend

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