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Friday, May 29, 2009

Off-Topic - "Dictionary Syndrome"


"Off-topic" - I mention "dictionary syndrome" in my title, because I came across a fascinating article whilst searching for something else.

The article, which concerns cars that are propelled by propellers, appears on a site with the curious name of Dark Roasted Blend

Here's a sample of what you will find there:

Picture source: Dark Roasted Blend

The picture shows one Count Bertrand de Lesseps, intrepid man, demonstrating his "Auto Aero" car in 1912; so intrepid is he that he is even smoking a cigarette...

Dark Roasted Blend's raison d'etre is "Weird and Wonderful Things" and I can promise, they are not lying! Definitely one to bookmark and well worth a visit.

À bientôt

Friday, May 01, 2009

Not the "Sound of Silence"

A bill has been introduced into the US Senate which is an instruction to the Department of Transportation "to conduct a study to devise and require a "non-visual alert regarding the location, motion, speed, and direction of travel of a motor vehicle"." This of course concerns the growing number of electric cars.

The idea is that blind people could be unaware of approaching vehicles and thus could be at risk of injury. This story is reported in The Register.

Fair enough, but there'd be no problem with my Fulvia, how about yours? If it must be electric then I would opt for a couple of 100W amplifiers, suitable loudspeakers and a decent recording of a V16 BRM

A bientôt

Sod the Law!


New Internet Speed test

Music and Radio Blog Club

Radio Blog Club, a good friend for a while appears to be in some legislative difficulty...

However, in tribute to its brave effort, I shall leave the existing track on this page (which amazingly still works)

Sadly my Playlist no longer works (hence its removal) thanks to the absurd "Hadopi" legislation in France. Apologies to all.