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Thursday, February 28, 2008

With Added Body - Part VII

Just a "quickie" this time: a couple more snaps from the archives.

First, my collaborator Justin tacking the steel rear quarter lights (he can use a stick welder I cannot) I think I finished them with gas - which I learned of necessity when I had my first Fulvia!

Now a snap showing the original 4-into-1 exhaust manifold. It was massive as I mentioned in the LMC article, but in fact I think it was actually a pretty good design. It was of necessity a bit longer than I wanted but I think that it was better than the present one which is too short. I believe that the primary length of a 4-into-1 on a Fulvia should be 30". Incidentally, the snap also shows how I made the solid rod clutch linkage to replace the horrid (especially on RH drive cars) cable. I installed a new bush in the opposite side of the bell housing and reversed the cross shaft. Then I cut the lever and welded in tube to suit.

À bientôt


william said...

I believe the Berlina 1C had a rod operated clutch as standard, So had early flavias.

Paul said...

Yes, William: much better!

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