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Monday, January 21, 2008

What would you do?

All of you who visit this blog searching for Fulvia information are not too badly served; I concede that lately there have not been so many Fulvia-specific articles and I further concede that quite a few have no relevance even to motoring. Well I warned that this would happen a very long time ago!

The fact is that the number of topics concerning Fulvias is limited; regular visits to will soon show you that the same subjects come up time and time again - as of course they are bound to do as individuals encounter the eternal problems that inevitably arise. I should add that Huib at Viva-Lancia is providing a first-class service: Lancia owners are fortunate!

So to add to the many thousands of words (well over 15000 I would guess) I have written here about our favourite car I now need some inspiration. The only way I can get this (apart from encountering something I have not come across in 26 years of Fulvias) is via your comments, which are conspicuous by their absence. As I have written before, blogs need commentary.

Meanwhile, consider this "off-topic" post (not for me though) - it has 22 comments, admittedly only from three people including yours truly, but this kind of thing keeps my blog alive, something I want to do.

So for the time being, do not be surprised to find further miscellanea hereabouts!

À bientôt


Anonymous said...

Hello Paul.
We are indeed well served for Fulvia information here! I enjoyed your engine articles, how about a few articles on your body and suspension modifications?
By the way, I'm not a fan of airplanes, but I love old aero engines. Keep it up!

Paul said...

Thanks Robert,

You know, I have to confess that really if a car was just an engine, I think that I'd be very happy! I'll try to think up something about suspension that might be of interest, meanwhile what's happening at your end?

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul

I also read your blog occasionally. You combined the 2 most beautiful things in this overheating/ozonlayer destroying earth: Fulvia & France. And then you're writing about them. That's what we call: Magnifique!
I read them with a lot off interest.

Like Paul asked: please give some info on your fulvia coupé bodyworks (the baby blue one). And off course: we're going for the juicy details! ;-)

Greetings from Belgium

Berlina S2
Zagato S2

Paul said...

Thank you Bart. I will certainly write something about the "blue" banger although of course it is red (see bottom of page).
Thanks for your comment

William said...

Hi paul, As one of the technically inclined Fulvia owners I absorb your modification theories. I prefer the invisible ones as I prefer the untoughed look of my 1200HF. If I would own a less rare Fulvia I obviously would care less.
I like the stories about easy extra ponies and upgrades in the gearbox/clutch department. What is the best wishbone geometry? The 1968 1600 measurements or are there more modern ideas? Brakes? Comp pads, braided lines and DOT 5 fluid or a whole new system. Steeringbox. Longer drop arms, 1600ratio or complete change to a modern steeringrack? HELP US!!!

Paul said...

Thank you William again for your input, your contribution is most gratefully received. I will ahve a think about the issues you raised, and write something up about it (or include it in forthcoming articles)

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