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Friday, January 18, 2008

Isn't it Great When Things just DON'T Work?*

*Thanks VW

People have laughed at me when I have finally lost it with some piece of rubbish that is supposed to work but doesn't; they think that my reaction is illogical or even childish. I have mentioned this sort of thing hereabouts before: the printer that never worked (I jumped up and down on it); the second printer that worked for three months (I threw it across the room - it disintegrated beautifully) the new VCR that refused to play videotapes that played everywhere else (a 4lb club hammer dealt with that one most satisfyingly) the later VCRs that had the same problem (down the rubbish chute with a satisfying crash at the bottom).

Surely some of you when working on a car have felt the strongest desire to put a hammer through the windscreen? No? OK watch the video - no not me, just another bloke who has obviously "had it"! Thanks to CM who found this gem.

Edit: I found a YouTube response to the video:

À bientôt

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