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Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Damned Good Read

As many of you no doubt know, I am an English expatriate, living in rural France; I have been here for nearly three years and enjoy it very much, even if my French is very, very slow to develop.

CM of Jour après Jour has drawn my attention to a super blog called Antipodes which is produced by another English (and French!) -speaking expatriate, this time from Australia. William Skyvington, the blog's author writes exquisitely on an amazing range of topics; his style ranges from ironic to most touching. He comes over as a sensitive, very knowledgeable individual, with an excellent talent for taking a fresh look at the world's beauties and follies.

I was especially moved by this wonderful piece - how I wish I could write like that!

Highly recommended.

À bientôt


William Skyvington said...

Thank you very much, Paul, for your positive appreciation of my Antipodes blog, and your kind words. All I can say is that I would be most happy if my articles were indeed to strive at times towards the merits you mention. But they're often merely topical, trivial or, worse, the outcome of irritation.

Concerning your passion for legendary automobiles, I live alongside a popular route for pleasure rallies of all kinds: motor bikes as well as cars. In summer, from my window, I often discover a convoy of beautiful machines, making exotic sounds, descending gracefully from the Vercors plateau. The funniest experience of all is find myself unexpectedly in the middle of such a rally (because the rally vehicles mingle with everyday traffic). When I find myself trailing, say, a fabulous white Jaguar sports car, and discover in my rear-view mirror the nose of a splendid black monster, I imagine my aging Citroën as a scruffy gate-crasher at an elegant cocktail evening.

Once again, many thanks for A Damned Good Read.

Paul said...

I was in the Vercors area last January for the Monte Carlo Rally, indeed it is famous for motoring.

As for your car, well I drive around in a rather battered Renault 5 - just as "France Profonde" as your Citroën!

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