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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Valves: It's Worth Watching Those Ads!

I don't know if any of you have tried clicking any of the links that appear in my "Adsense" box. As the host I am not permitted to click on them, but I did notice one and copied over the web address.

And I found this:

The company is called Sinus; the firm produces about a million valves per annum, and based on what they say, of very high quality.

The valves appear to be made from Nimonic 80A, Nimonic being one of the Wiggins-developed "super alloys" that were invented for gas turbine blades.

As may be seen in the picture above, the company offers special coatings, for example the gold-coloured titanium nitride; other super hard-wearing coatings such as zirconium nitride are available and in the "ultimate" range, a specially-developed oil-retaining surface finish. Stellite-coated faces are also offered.

On the company's website, apart from details about the products, there is a short film showing some interesting aspects of production - well worth a look.

À bientôt


William said...

Have you enquired about Fulvia valves? It seems by the look of the pictures that modern high performance are very flat compaired to the tullip shapes of yesteryear

Paul said...

No, I haven't contacted them: and I wonder what a "small quantity" is for a company that makes a million valve p.a.

On the shapes, well at Evo we always used to back-cut the valves...

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