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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Are Electric Cars Boring? - Not this One!

Picture source: here

As my regular readers will know, I have never made any kind of statement about my "green" credentials for two reasons: first I do not feel inclined to and second, because I do not have any! However, this does not mean I am in favour of filthy coal-burning power stations or for that matter, beer cans and half-eaten kebabs dumped on the footpath. A little more thought and perhaps a little less greed, laziness and selfishness would work wonders I am certain.

I have to say that seeing a Toyota Prius in the "flesh" for the first time made me want to reach for the sick-bag (in fact much of the rest of Toyota's range has this effect on me); I am sure that many who feel like me may be subconsciously put off "green" vehicles by such monstrosities.

Fortunately, as the picture at the top shows it really doesn't have to be like this. The car is a Tesla from the USA; the makers claim a 0-60 (0-100kmh) time of four seconds and further claim that the cost of the power works out at two cents per mile, equivalent to 135mpg. Range is 220 miles.

Based in Silicon Valley, the company was established in 2003 and currently has 200 employees; as of August last year, 550 cars had been reserved and the company has raised $105million in capital. More information about Tesla may be found here.

At present the car is available only in the USA although ironically, final assembly is carried out by Lotus in Norfolk who were also involved in some of the design aspects.

I think that this is an exciting project and hope that the impending economic slowdown in the US does not have too much of a negative effect on this brave venture.

Here is a link to the company's website.

À bientôt

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