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Sunday, March 02, 2008

With Added Body - Part VIII

Hello again.
Here are a few more photographs from the archives. First a picture of two of the miscreants involved in the project - me on the left (inevitably with hacksaw in hand) and Justin ("Captain Bracket") on the right. Photo taken by my father, probably in 1994.

Next, a shot of the original instrument panel, all neat with a lid and everything!

Now two pictures of the early injection installation. Originally I cannibalised a pair of worn-out 42mm Solexes - until I persuaded Doug Ellis to make some proper throttle bodies! Note the oil filler. I had to move it to the front because I had used the studs at the back of the head for the original mounting to mount the drive bearing support for the injection. The new location for the filler made for quicker oil filling and better breathing. It was later replaced: I had a FIAT oil filler welded to the top of the cam cover and a separate breather pipe added.

And finally a snap of the Fulvia waiting in line at the Goodwood trackday - where the video below was shot.

Photo: Neil Sims

À bientôt


william said...

It reads like a childhood story!
You obviousely have tried to equal the difference in inlet lenght by installing different lenght rampipes. have you tested the effect compaired to equal lenght rampipes? It seems like the way to go but I still think it is not quite equal in all respects as the fuel is still not atomised at the same lenght from the inlet valves.

Paul said...

The works did use this on some cars - I recall that the second of teh three F & M Specials had this feature. No I didn't compare - remember that this was an ultra low-budget operation!

But of course, no atomisation problems for me - Lucas injection :)

Shaun said...

Paul, a belated thank you for posting the background story and pictures of your very special Fulvia.

I find it to be very interesting stuff.

And perhaps inspirational. I was lunching with a friend last week, and we spent most of the time scheming about adapting a Japanese open class motorcycle EFI system (say, a Hayabusa's) to my Fulvia.

Don't see why it couldn't be made to work, and to be rather interesting...


Paul said...

Thanks for your comment Shaun. As for adapting bike injection to a Fulvia, jave a little look on this blog and you will see that one of my friends has done quite well so far in this way...

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