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Monday, March 03, 2008

SI½ & SII Driveshafts - Be Wary!

Trying to find something to write about, I had another rummage in the archives, and came up with quite a nice cautionary tale.

I cannot quite remember why this particular lady brought her Fulvia to us, but on inspection I noticed that both the front drive shaft gaiters were in a terrible state and should be replaced. As was normal practice, I contacted the customer and she said "But I have just had replacement outer CV joints fitted!"

Well the company that fitted the CV joints had its eye off the ball; despite being "specialists" they hadn't noticed that the car was fitted with "S1½ type shafts" These have a shorter splined section and do not use the spring clip compressing collar that the SII type does.

The best bit was that they did notice that there was no spring collar, and so some "craftsman" decided he would make them - with a hacksaw and a piece of steel tube. I think the photograph tells the rest of the story (I included a correct SII collar for comparison purposes) but of course with the collar in the way the CV joint was not locked onto the shaft. Nice.

À bientôt

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