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Monday, March 24, 2008

An Anecdote

About twenty years ago I made the acquaintance of a delightful chap, a partner in a firm near London that specialised in restoring classic cars and at that time in particular, Lancias. This chap was a fine race driver at club level and campaigned in a variety of cars including a Stratos and a Ferrari 308; he had a very attractive, smooth style.

Well I was told, actually by a mutual friend, that some years before the chap was on holiday in France, driving his 1300HF. Being somewhere in the south he decided to have a go at one of the Monte Carlo Rally stages (driving was fun in those days!).

He was delighted to have got within five minutes of the time achieved by Sandro Munari in a works car on the rally.

I should say "was delighted" until he realised that, whilst he was enjoying his summer holiday in his Fulvia, Munari had set his time in the snow!

I have always found these types of story very sobering, in making me rather humble about my own modest abilities behind the wheel.

Sandro Munari in action - and obviously trying hard!
Picture source: here

À bientôt

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William said...

There is driving and there is driving!. I had a similar experience with rallyedriving. Once i thought I could drive a nice line through alpine roads. Then I was offered a short blast in the passenger seat of the ex works delta integrale of an Italian local rally hero! Around his 'back garden roads'! Afterwards I believed even e rollercoasterride is nothing to compair it with. I also have been in an aerobatics aircraft for 20minutes with the Dutch Champion and I cannot tell which event scared me most! There is driving and there is driving...

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