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Sunday, July 13, 2008


I am flattered that from time to time some of my readers take the trouble to share information about their cars and in particular details of the work that they are doing. Recently I have been sent two sets of pictures showing restoration work - either done or "to do". I have always found such pictures instructive and often inspiring, so, presuming no objections from the senders, here is the first selection I have chosen.

No doubt those of you who have worked on your cars will be familiar with the areas shown!

I await your comments with interest.

À bientôt

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Paul.
More photos please! I too enjoy seeing Lancia parts being rebuilt. I also quite like old scrapyard photos. I'm sure you've come across this site before, but if not, try this:
By the way, I took my special out for a long test drive to visit Omicron today. Sitting on the floor of the shop there was an Aprilia crankcase and set of conrods. On picking up one of the conrods I nearly fainted with amazement at their lightness. What a work of art they are!

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