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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Apple iPhone 3G - Could be for You!

The picture above shows the new 3G iPhone, for which there have been reports of people queuing for days to be amongst the first to have the new toy. Apple reportedly sold 1,000,000 in the three days following the launch.

Since then developers have been busy coming up with new applications for the phone and one I found yesterday really was quite a surprise and should be of great interest to those of you who are developing your cars - or who even just take a close interest in your Fulvia's performance.

The new application has the rather unfortunate name of Dynolicious (how do they think of them?).

As you can see from the pictures, all the performance data you could need are provided.

I learned about this from Gizmodo, from which the pictures came. The article explains that the iPhone has a built-in accelerometer which is used to generate the data.

Now all you have to do is a) get an iPhone; b) load up Dynolicious; c) find a police-free zone or a race-track to get down to some serious testing!

Best of all is the price of the application: $12.99!

A bientôt.


Anonymous said...

Hello Paul,
My friend bored me for ages about his old i-phone and for the last week he's been going on about his new one. At last I've found something useful for them. Thanks! I will try and persuade him to order dynolicious and give it a test run sometime in the near future.

Paul said...

That's right Robert: iPhone owners just HAVE to share don't they!

Let us know how you get on.

Anonymous said...

how can it measure speed if the device is based on an accelerometer? (some old English chap once said that F=m.a)

Paul said...

Good question, and I suppose that the people to ask are those marketing the software.

But does the iPhone have some SAT NAV facility? If so, that would answer your question.

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