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Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Look

You will no doubt have noticed the new look: blue for Lancia and Yellow for Turin... Sadly this blog page is somewhat corrupted I suspect and I was unable to change the colour of the hyperlinks to something more contrasty; I have urgent need of someone who understands the nightmare that is HTML!

I have been sent some more restoration pictures and these will go up here this weekend. I shall do my best to try to post a bit more and once again, apologies for the dearth of activity.

One of my regular Fulvia correspondents is experimenting with programmable ignition, an excellent idea in my view although not entirely easy - unless one has a great deal of dyno time available. His car is highly developed with many exciting features; he knows who he is... I hope that before too long he will allow me to "lift the veil" a little and show off some mouth-watering developments. However, my readers will, I am sure, understand that it is perfectly natural to keep original ideas "under wraps."

À bientôt


Anonymous said...

way to go W!

gerry said...

Hi Paul
My name is Gerry we last met years ago at BWE'S, hope you are well . Please let your friend know that he is not alone with the programable ecu.So far I have only fitted the pot meter which sits very close to the rad!The engine is prepared to grp4 and goes very well but I do feel that without the ecu it's being let down.Last year we managed to cover 1/4 mile in 16.01sec and win our class.
It would be very interesting to speak with you friend.
Gerry 07769977768

Paul said...


And thanks for your comment. Sorry, I cannot recall you - I have a terrible memory and I did meet a lot of people there!

Please tell us about your car - full details please or email me and I'll write it up if you wish.

Best wishes,

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