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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Death of the Blog??

On this blog the writer quotes some statistics which suggest that the Blog will die.

The article is in French, but I can summarise the contents:
  • Less than one in six bloggers maintain their blogs
  • Participation: less than 2% of internet users leave comments
  • The content: often uninteresting
A study carried out in October finds that 45 - 54 year-olds and 56 -64 year-olds make up 14% and 11% respectively of total blog readership.

So CM (who writes the blog) says we must fight to keep blogs alive - write articles and leave comments!

There is then a quote from Wolinski: I will leave one of my French readers the task of translating this...

I do believe that ultimately, Blogs can only work if they become increasingly interactive; if they are consumed like fish fingers or corn flakes with nothing returned then the future seems to be bleak.


Stinker said...

Wolinski's quote: "It is not because you don't have anything to say that you should keep your mouth shut".
You didn't mention the best info in CM's article : The end of Microsoft.

cm said...

"Ce n'est pas parce que l'on n’a rien à dire qu'il faut fermer sa gueule !" - quote of Wolinski.

Roughly: It is not because we have nothing to say that we should shut up.

Stinker added another famous quote of a popular "humorist", Pierre Dac: "Et vice versa".

Paul said...

Thank you STinker - for me and for my non-francophone readers!

Paul said...

Mind you, regarding Wolinski, the late Keith Duckworth, co-founder of the famous Cosworth company one remarked: "Better to keep your mouth shut and have everyone think that you are a fool rather than opening it and proving it!"

Paul said...

And of course, thanks CM.

In my second comment, of course I meant "once" (remarked) nstead of "one"

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