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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Little More 1486

Given that the 1486 project was a qualified success(!) I doubt if many of you you feel inspired to try something similar.

However if you do, the attached drawing, prepared by Justin (the owner) might be of interest. Drawn up for 82.4mm bore, this shows the impact of V-angle changes on the overlap between the cylinders.

Click on the image for full size

And just for a bit of fun, here's a factory drawing of the BMW tii Kugelfischer installation...

It's a bit more complicated than our installation on the 1486 Fulvia!


william said...

probably my earlier responce got lost. My question was regarding the angle of the cilinders. To keep the cilinderheadplane the same the angle for boring must be less for bigger bores. This is proven by the technical data for the 1100/1300 and 1600 engines. If you want to make yourself a 1401 engine with 80mm bores it seems to me that the remaining thickness of the cilinderwalls is the most critical bit. Proven by 'your' blown 1500. So the cilinder angle should be kept as close to the original 1300 as possible right?

Paul said...

Thanks William.

My friend in england, Doug Ellis has a car with 80mm bore. He, after a lot of thought, opted for 12.00 degrees.

With 80mm there should be no problem; as I wrote, my friend, Justin, was pushing the envelope at 82.4mm!

I hope that the drawing I published helps.

william said...

I think that the reason for the difference in angles is only governed by the bore and the fact that cilinderheads are interchangeable. The engineshops I know capable of balancing Fulvia engines have only one calculated method for all types. In Lancia manuals I have never seen a table with balancing data. What is the problem if the overlap in the bottom of the cilinders is larger than original?

Paul said...

The problem, is that the if the bottom piston ring passes the overlap, it will no longer be there when the piston ascends!

Lukas said...

I think i've got some spare 82.4 pistons lying around somewhere....

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