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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hub Tools

In my post on Feb 19th I promised to provide some pictures of tools for the front hub bearing job.

Here they are.

Hub nut tools: SI left, SII right
Note that he SI tool is retained by the large cap screw,
whilst the SII one has a support retained by the wheel bolts

Hub Puller

Tool nut

Ball joint separator

1 comment:

Manuel Trujillo León said...

Hello Paul. I don't know if you keep reading the comments on this blog. For me, your blog have been very helpful since they have helped me in the repair process of my fulvia sport S1. I am currently checking (i want to repack them) the front axle bearings. I built the tool necessary to remove the big wheel bearing rear nut and after a lot of effort I have managed to loosen it. Now i'm trying to remove the hub from the hub carrier. Regarding the hub tools photographed at the entrance I am thinking of building some as they would be of great help in the process of disassembly and assembly. I wonder if it would be possible for you send me the measurements of the tools (hub puller and tool nut as well as some more pictures. I hope you read this comment and many thanks in advance.

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