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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cats & Michel de Montaigne - Erratum

Picture by xgianaxandxnick

I have been taken to task by CM, over the error in the French of the de Montaigne quotation that I posted yesterday.

CM directed me to a link that lists many famous French cat quotations including of course this one. My excuse is that I copied the quote directly from The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. I thought at the the time that "...joue à mon chat" was a bit strange, thinking that "avec" would be better, but I have enormous trouble with French prepositions so did not feel in a position to challenge it!

So once again:

" Quand je joue avec mon chat , qui sait s'il ne s'amuse pas plus de moi que je le fais de lui ?"

(When I play with my cat, who knows whether he isn’t amusing himself with me more than I am with him?)


cm said...

I went back to this site and I like the quote of Leonardo da Vinci:
"Même le plus petit félin est un chef-d'oeuvre."

Paul said...

Thanks for that - a super quote, but of course now I cannot use it myself!

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