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Friday, September 23, 2011

Flic Nicholson RIP

Flic Nicholson in action on the Rallye Vins-Macôn

I am sorry to have to announce the death of Felicity ("Flic") Nicholson after a long illness.

Flic was the very proud owner of the Fanalone, prepared at Barry Waterhouse's Evolution Engineering, that I have often mentioned here.

Flic started rallying in the late 1960s with a Triumph TR4 and later a BMW 2002. After a long break she returned to rallying with, initially, a SII 1600 Fulvia before switching to the Fanalone. She adored the car and loved to describe how, when on the limit, it seemed to "dance"; on outings with Integrales she especially enjoyed being the quickest downhill. She was twice Female VHC (historic rally in France) championne.

She will be missed by many friends, enthusiasts and competitors.

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Cold Air Intake said...

I heard of his death and it was quite something painful. Thanks for having taken time to recognize him.

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