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Friday, November 27, 2009

A Bit More Fanalone

Well, well, unbelievably there has been a bit of progress on what will be a long project - owing to a variety of reasons (laziness is not one of them).

First of all, a couple of snaps of the rather crowded engine compartment. A lot of these modifications were carried out after the car left the workshop at Evolution Engineering in 2001. Amongst the mods are an hydraulic brake servo and a Peugeot master cylinder, the original Lancia item and its replacement being as usual, useless - as with my own car which uses a FIAT Regata item. There is also a lot of complex wiring - too complex in my view.

The point is that all the work carried out, which I must say was largely pretty good was performed by someone who didn't know anything about Fulvias. If you are planning to have something done on your Fulvia, then consult someone who knows his way around these fascinating cars!

Of course some dismantling had already been done when I made
this photo - it doesn't always look quite like this!

Dismantling a modified car is always more time-consuming, though mine isn't too bad, but there I have the advantage of knowing what was done.

The bloke who (later) modified the Fanalone decided that it would be a good idea to alter the run of the petrol feed pipe. He cut off the original at the bottom of the bulkhead and then threaded a copper extension through the sub-frame; this was a pain to remove, and I promise it will not be going back!

With the sub-frame finally out of the car, I have decided to do a spot of engine dismantling in situ as I am rather limited at home for workbench space.

Oily, as might be expected after 26 rallies plus other sorties!
The engine is to be rebuilt

A closer view of the head. Fanalone experts will spot the "error"
which of course will be rectified. Come on experts, what is it??

On removing the carburetters and inlet manifold I was amazed at how clean my modified ports (which I hadn't seen for years) were. Since the above snap was made, I have removed the steering box which sadly is scrap: it had been "adjusted" by somebody who did not have the benefit of instruction on the subject from Harry Manning as I did. Fortunately the owner always found the steering rather too heavy and as there is a good S1 1300 'box available, this will be fitted. In any case Fanalone steering boxes are pretty much rocking-horse droppings aren't they?

There is a spare gearbox from a car alleged to have covered only 80,000km (50,000 miles) which will probably be fitted in pace of the existing one which is not nice to use. My Renault 5 GTX which has covered over 290,000km has a gearbox that Fulvia owners could only dream about - and it has perfectly-chosen ratios and is still silent despite shocking neglect!

A bit of objectivity can be useful sometimes.

Another joy is that a bottom ball joint must be replaced so I shall be looking for a "Porta-Power" to borrow, as with the sub-frame out I shall not have the weight of the car to help me with the dreaded front spring. A friend of mine will remember the enormous TWANG when attempting to lift the spring with a bottle jack... The jack ended up about 20 yards away, with a nasty groove on its shaft, fortunately without killing anybody. You have been warned!

Incidentally, it was with the same friend that I removed a sub-frame assembly complete from a Fulvia in 38 minutes. Oh to be young again!

A bientôt


Anonymous said...

Hi paul,
Good to have you back. As i'm no fanalone expert i have no idea what is wrong with the head....
cheers. William

Paul said...

Thank you William.

I'll give you a clue - but later; let's see if anyone else gets it first!

Lukas said...

send me the scrap steering box would you? Best


Paul said...


Ha ha! Can't do that... not my property!

Andreas said...

i suppose it is the fixing of the

Paul said...

Andreas, what's a "lima"?

Anyway, no, it is not a fixing issue

Andreas said...

in germany we say "lima" for the generator;
sorry i mixed it, but seems to be i am wrong

Paul said...

Thanks Andreas,

No the alternator mounting shows that the block is genuine SI 1600; only these blocks had the double supports in the casting.

Clue, click on the picture to enlarge it and the "fault" willl perhaps be clearer!

Andreas said...

i will try it again but depent on your explanation before i should
not say.
Can´t read the nummer of 818540 on the block.
the enlarge let me suppose 818342
but surprise surprise ...

maybe i have to go to the oculist

Paul said...

No Andreas it is "540"! (342s had dynamos)

Paul said...

OK for those who would like a clue, the item I am referring to is at the top of the engine...

Andreas said...

the problem is that i can´t look on the top :-)))

but i will try it the last time today

The screw´s to fix the cam´s should be bolt´s

have a nice day paul und don´t work to hard

Paul said...

But Andreas, they are bolts!

Thanks for your good wishes, the same to you


Andreas said...

maybe i don´t explain it correct depent on my bad english.
i mean a fixation like the mainbearings of the crankshaft.
that means a "bolt" with a nut on the end.

Und jetzt ist Feierabend mit der
Raterei !


Paul said...

Ah I see what you mean; in English this is called a stud, in French a goujon

A stud has threads at each end, one is screwed into a casting for example and then a bearing cap (or example) is fitted and secured with a nut and washer

Typical used on older engines as you say for bearing caps and for cylinder heads.

edward said...

Hello Paul,

nice to see some news from you !!

I suppose you speak about the first rocker wich is a Second serie Fulvia's one, so not polished...

Paul said...

Well done Edward! You are correct. Of course certain rockers (culbuteurs) were replaced when the previous camshafts failed. We now have some original Fanaolne rockers so all will be correct after the rebuild!

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