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Friday, May 09, 2008


Hello all; yes I am back home in France after my spell in England, much of which was spent in front of a computer and a bit underneath a Land-Rover about which, more anon.

I have been away about five weeks in which time the price of a barrel of oil has increased by about 32%, with Goldman Sachs now saying that the barrel price could reach $200 in six months...

So how topical is the idea pictured below?

Picture: Gizmodo

Yes, it's your own fuel-producing plant; it makes ethanol from sugar, water and yeast, or stale beer amongst other things. It can produce 35 gallons (US) - about 132 litres - of 100% pure ethanol in a week. Yes it costs $10,000 but with the way prices are going it will start to look like a bargain. The full story can be found here.

Ethanol does not have the same specific heat as gasoline, so your Fulvia would require some re-jetting to run the richer mixture required, but ethanol has a Research Octane Number of about 110, so pinking should be a thing of the past.

Of course this is another example of dynamic American enterprise, a commodity conspicuously lacking in certain other countries. I can imagine that anyone attempting to make his own "environmentally-friendly" fuel would quickly attract (in England) the attention of HM Revenue and Customs and most likely, the anti-terrorist squad as well (28 days in jug, possibly rising to 42). In America, according to the article, tax breaks will be available.

That's progress.

À bientôt

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