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Friday, August 03, 2007

Fulvia Mid-Engined Special: an Update

For more recent readers, the original articles on this car were HERE and HERE.

Robert the owner, is not a man for standing still. He has decided that fuel-injection is the way forward. We did exchange a few emails on this topic, I pointing out the expense and complexity etc.

However, not to be deterred, Robert pressed on and sourced a set of Japanese motor-cycle injection. His immediate problem was how to mount this onto the Fulvia inlet manifold. This was solved by the very nice piece of machining shown here..

When assembled, as the pictures show, the installation looks extremely good. I am waiting to hear how this will all be programmed etc., but I suspect that the results will be excellent.

Even more radically, the latest idea is to invert the inlet manifold enabling downdraught inlet and providing plenty of cold air.

That 500kg 1300cc car will be even quicker than when I had a ride in it.

More in due course.


Ed said...

There may be an easier way to move to fuel injection on a Fulvia engine--namely a programmable injection setup using Weber DCOE throttle bodies:
Personally, I'll stick with my standard DCOEs, but it's tempting...

Paul said...

Yes Ed, this would be an obvious route, but the approach here does make for a cleaner and more direct inlet tract, the "normal ex-works-pattern" manifold being a wee bit twisty! (And it takes up a lot of space, although this would not have been a problem for Robert - and remember he has a 1300 engine so 45mm bore would perhaps be a bit large.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget cost!
My Kawasaki 600 throttle bodies cost £80(as new), versus £800 for weber/jenvey throttle bodies. Although those weber throttle bodies would look a lot more 'period' and would be easier to fit and set up.

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