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Sunday, July 01, 2007

A "smoke-free" England

I am at present in England, following a wet but interesting Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Here, finally the fascist nannies have won: as from today, 1st July 2007, smoking in public places has been banned in England & Wales.
Expect a further enormous outpouring of patronising, smug, self-congratulatory words from the "great & the good" - as they ponder the next area of individual behaviour to sanction. Take care all ye passionate anti-smoking types; see how you feel when your favourite activities are banned on largely spurious grounds.

For me, the end of years of style & elegance thus:

The global warming types are another variety of the species - be ready to defend your old Lancias!


Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how pubs now smell of damp? maybe it's just the wet weather!

As for global warming - it's happening but probably not just by man made CO2.

I run both a recylced Fulvia 1600 and a low emission regular car - all aluminium Audi A2 1.2 TDi - CO2 and 100mpg if careful. 66MPG at average 91mph on autobahn! hee hee!

Anonymous said...

And yet another way for councils to raise money with unnecessary and disproportionate fines!

Robert (with a cigarette in his mouth)

Paul said...

Thank you Anonymous(es?)

Keep puffing Robert!

Sod the Law!


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