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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fanalone Trouble

A short while ago I mentioned that it was time once more to roll out the Fanalone for another season. The owner prefers not to run the car in the winter – especially here in Haute Savoie where so much salt is put down on the roads.

I began with a road test as is traditional in all servicing procedures. Whilst the car went quite well I thought that it was perhaps not “au point”.

First move some cars!

I removed the cam cover (I regularly check the torque setting of the head bolts with the engine warmed up) and noticed damage to one of the lobes on the exhaust camshaft. Turning the engine revealed damage to a lobe on the inlet camshaft too.

The two damaged lobes may be clearly seen here

With an invitation to open the Rallye Beaufortain for this weekend, action had to be taken.

The camshafts were special ones – the ex-works profile that Barry Waterhouse used to offer at Evolution Engineering. These are quite fierce with 100° of overlap and 11.3mm lift (4.3mm at TDC) and it has to be said that they are a bit brutal with the valve springs, although I ran a set for some years with no problems. The carburettor jetting is modified to take account of the camshafts of course. The only option was to remove the camshafts from my own car. These are not quite as extreme as the originals but have 86° overlap and 10.5mm lift (3.8mm at TDC).

On dismantling, the cause of the trouble was quickly found: the hardening had failed on some of the rocker faces. More dismantling was necessary: this time the spare Fanalone engine was “visited” and some of its rockers removed to replace the damaged ones.

With all re-assembled, the engine fired eagerly and immediately, always very satisfying. After warm-up, only very minor adjustments were required to the idle settings. The subsequent road test showed the car to be smooth and with good torque and willing to rev quickly to 7000. There is evidence that the valve springs are reaching the end of their life making a built-in mechanical rev-limiterJ. They will have to be replaced providing an opportunity to lap the valves and have a look around – after all the valves have not been touched for six years and 22 rallies!

As I write, the owner is at Beaufort for the rally and as the 'phone has not rung, I assume that all is well… Incidentally, the rally is for modern cars only, but the French club La Scuderia Lancia was invited to provide cars for opening and “sweeping up” (voiture balai). Amongst those providing these services apart from the Fanalone, are some Evos and an 037 stradale, a touch of class amongst all the moderns I think.


Lukas said...

I'm looking for some replacement cams and rocker gear. Valves and springs all done but existing gear rather worn out like yours only without the high lift!

Can you advise what std 1600 profile was and assuming reasonable head what next step would be for race car running weber45s. Thanks.

Paul said...

Lukas, thanks for the comment.

Standard 1600 cams were the same as 1300HF, 1.3S, 818303: 26/66/66/28 with 2,2mm at TDC. For specilas try Cavallito or Colombo & Bariani

william said...

It is incredible that a highly tuned motor can take the abuse of 22 ralies! Compliments to lancia and the guy who rebuild it.
I was wondering what oil he uses and what the best valvespring pressure is for that cam and ralley usage.

Paul said...

Thanks William.

The Fulvia engine has indeed a good record for such reliability. As for the engine build and gasflowing, that was done by ... me! Thanks!

The valve springs are standard, although tired. I ran these cams in my own engine with standard springs and it would pull well up to 7500 rpm. However the replacement cams in the Fanalone, have made the engine smoother but with no apparent loss of torque.

The owner uses either FIAT Selenia 10w/60 or Agip Racing 10W/60 oils.

william said...

Indeed my sinsere compliments!
'my' engine tuner says the standard springs are way to weak and should be at least 85Lbs. He uses kent springs and the advantage of those springs are the thinner windings so the allowable lift is not governed anymore by the valvesprings. In my case I think the strenght of these springs caused the rockeradjustment screws to damage my valve stemtips. (clear indentations after 2000kms.
I use motul 300V competition 15W50 with good results so far.

Paul said...

It is true that the Fulvia springs are not strong - they make a nice rev limiter though...

It was for this reason that I drastically lightened my rockers - in order to make life easier for the valve springs. The point is how many revs do you need?

Remember the old saying: "Horsepower sells engines, torque wins races"!

william said...

With only 1216cc I can only hope for horsepower and thus revs. Torque is not in the equasion with such a small engine!
I hope to get 8000 revs with the C&B cams. But I think I will weaken the springs a bit because my valves are tiny compaired to a 1600

Paul said...

Well, torque can be a relative as well as an absolute term!

And 8000 with that four-bolt flywheel would worry me a bit! I would look to see if it can be doweled.

Lighter rockers are a good idea too - I'll send you a picture of mine when I am back at home

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