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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fulvia Thoughts - 2


Sorry for the delay, but I've been off line for a few days.

Et aussi, je suis désolé pour mes amis français, mais il est difficile pour moi d'écire en français.

Today, the subject is the oil filter.

You are all familiar with the rather large oil filter fitted to Fulvias I am sure.

Working on later Lancias and indeed, other more modern cars, I began to wonder why the Fulvia had to have such a large filter. I was, I remember, surprised to find that the same item was specified for the Datsun (Nissan) Skyline of the mid-sixties.

Of course, oils were nowhere near as good at that time as they are today. And then I considered that a Lancia Delta Integrale Evolution, with its 2-litre, 16-valve turbocharged engine, producing around 215HP probably made greater calls on its lubricant than did the Fulvia, and if the Integrale was happy with its small filter, then so my Fulvia should be.

Now, the Fulvia’s filter is installed “inverted” and to ensure availability of oil at start-up, a steel tube is installed that passes up the centre of the filter. Modern filters that are mounted this way are fitted with a special valve, which serves the same purpose as the tube.

I decided to take the plunge. I removed the tube by unscrewing the threaded boss to which it is brazed (and onto which the filter screws). I then cut off the tube, cleaned the part carefully and refitted it. I then fitted a Lancia Integrale filter. This was some years ago and I have had no problems.

I appreciate that many will prefer to preserve originality, but for me, the new filter is smaller, easier to remove and lighter. Importantly, it is also easily available. In fact I know that there are numerous modern filters, fitted with the all-important valve, which have the same mounting thread. The thread is a common size; just select a filter that is normally mounted horizontally or inverted like the Fulvia’s ensuring of course that the diameter of the rubber seal is the same as the Fulvia’s. As far as I know all these will have the valve inside, which is quite easily seen. But please check before fitting!


william said...

when fitting the integrale filter do you not have to cut of the whole tube? In my believe it needs just shortening about 2" or is the valve in the way?

Paul said...

You may well be correct William, but remember others may use different filters, and you must be careful not to interfere with the action of the valve.

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