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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dodgy Photoshopping and Dodgier Cars - from Russia

From comes a photo report of a rather dubious car show. I can without fear of contradiction, declare that the "photoshopping" is at least as bad as many of the exhibits (and that's saying something).

I did like this ZIL or perhaps ZIS, Packard copy though:

Picture source:

And I didn't see a single Italian car in the pictures - let alone a Lancia.

A bientôt

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Fascinating Thread - for the Technical

I have been a member of Atlas's forums for about six years (the main site is Whilst searching there today for something interesting about the Fulvia that perhaps I could add to this rather (currently) under-posted blog, I came across a fascinating thread in the Technical forum.

This concerns an engine-design project carried out by a university student who is doing a master's degree. His project? A W9 engine of 2977cc predicted to make 526HP!

So far it seems that the engine has not been run, but it certainly exists - here. Here's a picture taken from the site:

The article on the site contains a lot of interesting detail which I heartily recommend to any of you with an interest in technical matters.

The subject of the Fulvia came up early in the thread on Atlas (which runs to six pages).

One poster wrote:

There are some pics here:

and some cutaway drawings on if you follow the links through to Lancia models then Fulvia.

A beautiful engine IMH

I agree - although those of you who have read my "Developments" series on this blog will know I have my reservations, notwithstanding my enthusiasm for the Fulvia in all its forms.

Finally I commend the thread to those amongst you who are technically inclined; the depth of knowledge of some of the regulars there is breathtaking. Some of the contributors are obviously senior engineers in the industry who have plenty to say on some of the subjects I have touched on hereabouts (and on other things too).

A bientôt

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Anecdote from the Hungaroring

The following, lifted from - the Daily Grapevine amused me; I hope you enjoy it too:

PS: The other story that emerged from the dinner was of a poor newspaper journalist drafted in for his first F1 race as replacement for their regular correspondent. Sitting down in the Bridgestone motorhome, which was situated in this paddock right next to Ferrari, he thought the Japanese tyre manufacturer actually ran a team.

Turning to Hamashima he said: "I'm sorry to have to ask you this, but when do you think you're going to start competing on level terms with top teams like Ferrari and McLaren?"

Hamashima was a bit taken mystified by the question until another Fleet Street journalist leaned over and said, "Er, Bridgestone is a tyre company old boy." Cue much laughter...

A bientôt

Sod the Law!


New Internet Speed test

Music and Radio Blog Club

Radio Blog Club, a good friend for a while appears to be in some legislative difficulty...

However, in tribute to its brave effort, I shall leave the existing track on this page (which amazingly still works)

Sadly my Playlist no longer works (hence its removal) thanks to the absurd "Hadopi" legislation in France. Apologies to all.