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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It occurs to me that I may be able to help French Lancisti in another way: I can offer English lessons - especially in conversation, but also help with grammar and literature. Once again, contact me at
I am very new to BLOGS, so I hope that soon this page will look a bit snappier and include some more useful information. If you have been, thanks for looking


An English specialist in France.

My name is Paul Leclercq. With 25 years’ experience of the wonderful Lancia Fulvia (not mention experience of many other marques as well) I am able to offer an expert and personal service for Fulvia owners. In addition, I have some solid experience of the flat-4 Flavia and 2000 models.

I am located near Cruseilles in Haute-Savoie, about 30km from Geneva.

I am fairly well-known to Lancisti world-wide through Huib Guernink’s website where on the Fulvia forum, my many contributions may be seen and read. For a number of years I worked at Evolution Engineering (Lancia Specialists) in London, and was the manager there before I moved to France.

Above is a picture of a superb Fanalone, which was prepared at Evolution Engineering for historic rallying. The engine and front suspension were my own work. The car brought three VHC female championships for the owner and her co-drivers. To date it has completed 20 rallies without any significant overhaul. In four years, there has been just one retirement, which was due to a failed throttle cable.

My enthusiasm for Fulvias has led me to consider, and work on, many development ideas. My own car, built on a very small budget, is well-known in English Lancia circles. Amongst many modifications, it incorporates Lucas mechanical fuel injection and very large front brakes using FIAT 20V coupe callipers and 310mm Willwood ventilated discs. I attach an old picture of the car in action at Goodwood; more details may be found in the Fulvia register on Huib’s website.

As for other marques, as examples of my work, here are pictures of a 1960 Mercedes-Benz 220S injection engine that I rebuilt, another rebuild, this time a Delahaye engine from 1950 and finally, overhauling of the triple-choke Webers for a Lamborghini Muira.

For further information, please contact me:

I look forward to hearing from you.

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